Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Therapy London,New Life Aesthetics  Laser Cli
Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Therapy London,New Life Aesthetics  Laser Cli

Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Therapy

New Life Aesthetics Laser Clinic and Anti – Aging Therapies Harley Street London has specially designed customized solutions in anti-aging medicine with regard to Health and Aesthetics . Advanced Clinical protocols , wide range of modalities and anti – aging therapies recommended by us and clients satisfaction is our greatest  asset and priceless .We strive for the best because of our passion , what we do and our result speak for itself .

We are proud to bring latest and clinically proven advanced and natural therapies for anti – aging and aesthetics . Platelet Rich Plasma - PRP Therapy  is unique in this regard . You provide your own material . Platelet Rich Plasma -  PRP is obtained from the client’s own blood . PRP therapy is simple and very safe , minimally invasive recovery within 24 hours , no down time , no risk as it is a natural , non synthetic treatment with highest efficacy and delivers desired results in short period of time . completely non –toxic with out any allergic response and side effects .

PRP Therapy can be used successfully for hair loss , wrinkle treatment , dark circles underneath the eyes . facial skin rejuvenation and regeneration of skin of face , sagging skin of the neck , décolleté , breast , hands and all over the body with excellent results . Skin is re - plumped and rejuvenated . Fine lines , wrinkles are reduced and create a youthful , radiant glow literally redefine the natural beauty and the out come is smother younger looking skin where treatment results continue to improve over a period of 6-12 weeks and last more then a year . You can touch up and top up after a year for optimum and lasting results.

Platelet Rich Plasma - PRP is obtained from your own blood , Our authorized practitioner collect the blood sample under aseptic conditions, centrifuge it to concentrate and extract growth factors via PRP harvest . Platelets are excellent source of valuable growth factors in their naturally occurring and biologically determined ratio . The number of platelets which are clinically useful which is minimum of one million / ul or 5 – 7 times of normal platelets ( 200,00/ul ) concentration of platelets in the blood . The life span of platelet is 7 -10 days . Our top of the line equipment and technology is designed to harvest more concentrated PRP content then minimum clinically required for far superior and optimum results .

In order to harvest PRP , platelet systems have been developed . where RBC ( erythrocytes ) are separated from white blood cells and ‘platelets’ in a distinct fraction .This concentration is an autologous source of growth factors. We isolate super PRP concentration , using the very best top of the line equipment for platelet isolation and concentration . We use totally closed system to guarantee sterility . We use high specification swing type centrifuge for maximum centrifugation and plasma harvest .Our closed system then separates and closes off plasma from other blood components. This is put through the centrifuge second time to generate the highest quality of platelet rich plasma concentration for best results.

For the enhancement of skin texture , glow and hydration PRP is applied via superficial dermal injection using a mesotherapy technique . PRP also have many other medical applications in sports medicine , orthopedic surgery and pain management . however , we are more focused on aesthetic and anti –aging applications of platelet rich  plasma - PRP therapy for its safety , efficacy and cost effectiveness for our clients. 

Contact New Life Aesthetics Laser Clinic and Anti – Aging Therapies to book an appointment for private consultation and to arrange for your platelet rich plasma - PRP treatment at our Harley Street London  aesthetics and anti -aging Therapies clinic .