New Life Aesthetics Laser Clinic and Anti – Aging Therapies Harley Street London has specially designed customized solutions in anti-aging medicine with regard to Health and Aesthetics . ‘ Mesotherapy “ is unique technique created by Dr. Micheal Pistor in 1952 in France . The French Academy of Medicine recognized Mesotherapy as part of traditional medicine and today Mesotherapy is taught by French Universities and is practised in many countries around the world in variety of Anti – aging and Aesthetic medicine protocols 

Mesotherapy stimulates mesoderm , middle layer of skin with micro- injections of conventional medicines , homeopathic medication and or medical grade nutritional supplements such as vitamins , amino acids and minerals or natural plant extracts directly injected just few millimetres beneath the skin for treatment of specific area of the body have wide range of applications in aesthetic and anti -aging medicine for immediate results .

Anti – Aging Mesotherapy can be carried out either manually with series of micro- injections or wth Mesotherapy gun . Nowadays , thanks to cutting edge science of molecular biology , Mesotherapy can also be applied without needles through revolutionary nano-peptide technology we offer both at our clinic.

This procedure may be applied to all kind of skin types for various anti – aging treatments , in specialized field of aesthetic medicine , Mesotherapy is considered one of the safest and effective treatment for skin rejuvenation and other treatments of face and body. No other topical application of creams can deliver the biological active ingredients into the skin and activate skin metabolism at cellular level as effectively as Mesotherpy .

Mesotherapy is a method of inhibiting the aging process and offers excellent results in improving the quality and structure of face and body , especially around most sensitive areas such as eyes for the treatment of tired eyes or fat puffiness underneath eyes or dark circles . Mesotherapy offers excellent results for skin rejuvenation of face , neck , décolleté and hands for considerable improvement in treatment of signs of aging .

Mesotherapy is safe , effective and non – surgical procedure for body sculpturing , cellulite , fat reduction and skin rejuvenation . Mesotherapy can be applied anywhere where cellulite and unwanted fat occurs on the body . The most common areas treated are thighs , buttocks , abdomen and love handles . The upper arms and under arms can also be treated successfully .

Cellulite is a serious concern for more than 80% of woman struggling to get rid of cellulite , even slim women can be affected . It is caused by multiple factors mainly genetic , inherited weakness of connective tissue , obesity  , imbalanced diet ( high sugar , carbohydrates and high trans fatty acid consumption ) , lack of exercise , most important factor is accumulation of intracellular toxins and poor lymphatic drainage .

As the lymphatic congestion and build up of waste products and toxins are creating unsightly bump , orange peel like appearance of skin . Localized application of recommended doses absorb rather quickly and affects cellular metabolism , work to break up hundreds of fibrous tissue those are trapping the enlarged fat cells. The skin and underlying tissue became soft and the released fat can be removed by lymphatic system . Other ingredients help to stimulate new collagen production , improve local blood supply , strengthen and tighten the tissue resulting in loss of volume and much improved skin appearance .

Mesotherapy is a gentle yet effective therapy , it works in harmony with your body’s natural system . All remedies used are natural , safe and with proven efficacy . We only use top of the line mesotherapy products supplied by leading European or American manufacturers .

Mesotherapy can also be used to prevent alopecia , weak thin hair and treatment of hair loss and ultimately stimulating new hair growth by providing necessary nutrients to hair follicles for thick and fuller hair . Treatment session will take only 20 -30 minutes , normally a course of treatment is needed .

Usually a course 3 – 5 sessions for fat and cellulite reduction , series of 7 for skin rejuvenation and 8 -10 treatments for hair loss . given once a week regularly . effects of mesotherapy are usually long lasting . Once you have completed a course of treatment and follow post treatment care instructions provided to you after your first session . Clients can come back after 6 months for top up session for optimum results .

We offer the latest proven and most advanced technological breakthrough protocols to address root cause of your natural health and aesthetic issues . Discover the possible age reversing benefits of our research and expertise to improve quality of your life to maximize your human potential and fulfilment for your desire of beauty for wonderful healthy living and wellness .

Our treatments are individually customized around your needs and unique situations to meet your realistic expectations . The pursuit of excellence is reflected in our passion for what we do , expertise in wide range of our therapies and cutting edge professional skills in advanced anti – aging  mesotherapy . 

Contact New life Aesthetics Laser Clinic and Anti – Aging Therapies to book an appointment for private consultation with our highly trained Aesthetic Practitioner , Anti – Aging Medicine Consultant and American Board Certified Naturopathic Physician  at Harley Street London Clinic . please call 077 801 773 19 or send Whattsapp invitation to contact you at + 1 646 923 3206 for immediate reply .we are available 9.00 am - 8.00 pm by appointment only . please e-mail us info@newlifelaserclinic.co.uk


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