Non Surgical Facial , Neck , Decolletage and Breast Rejuvenation  , pa
Non Surgical Facial , Neck , Decolletage and Breast Rejuvenation  , pa

Facial skin , Neck , Decolletage and Breast Rejuvenation , Non - Surgical skin Tightening Procedure .

Prior to first treatment,initial consultation is mandatory in which a brief medical history is taken to confirm your suitability for the procedure. There is also an opportunity for and questions you may have to be answered ,before procedure commences .You must provide a written consent and waiver to proceed with Hifu Facial skin Rejuvenation and Tightening non-surgical procedure . Appointments are available from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm.

Please send us an e-mail to and call to 077 801 773 19 or send Whattsapp invitation to +1 646 923 3206  to contact you to schedule an appointment with our sought after American Board Certified Naturopathic Physician, Anti - Aging Integrative Medicine expert ,American Certified and Trained Aesthetic Laser Consultant . Dr. Naveed A Qureshi will address all your concerns regarding New Life High Intensity Focused  Ultrasound (Hifu) Facial skin  , Neck , Decolletage and Breast Rejuvenation and Tightening  Non-Surgical painless Procedure .

Most of clients need 2-3 sessions 30 days apart and one top up after 6 months Hifu skin Lifting and Tightening is now the Gold Standard of skin Rejuvenation protocol very safe and effective  painless non surgical procedure can be used on any sagging part of the body for considerable improvement for skin tone up . Mobile services or house calls can be arranged at additional cost within major UK cities for group of private clients.Visit us at our  Harley Street London clinic. please call 077 801 773 19 . e-mail us

Our cost of services and prices are very affordable and competitive . for first session £500.00 - £750.00 depending on the area and £400.00 - £650.00 per session thereafter . in case you want sign up  for 3 sessions which are transferable to family members and friends within 6 months from date of purchase with our mutual consent the special price will be £1250 - £1750.00 + VAT if paid in full and in advance . 

Interest Free payment plans are also available upon 50% down payment if the other treatments purchased and  invoice value is more then £2000.00 , remaining  amount must be paid within 6 months with post dated  UK bank cheques or British bank electronic or credit card authorization . please ask for this option at the time of your first session with our Consultant for clear and mutual understanding. we will be happy to accommodate you in good faith on case by case basis .