Fungal Nail Infection Removal , IPL , intense Pulse Light Dr. Naveed A
Fungal Nail Infection Removal , IPL , intense Pulse Light Dr. Naveed A

Fungal Nail Infection Removal Harley Street London and ND : YAG and Laser Intense Pulse Light IPL

 Fungal Nail and Wart Removal with Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light IPL system .Treatment of Onychomycosis ( Fungal Nail Infection ) with Laser and Intense Pulsed Light IPL . Fungus nail infection is very common chronic infection. It develops very slowly and causes the nails to become discolored, thickened and distorted. Toe nails are more frequently affected then finger nails.

Most nail infections are caused by a dermatophyte fungus, which also causes athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot is a fungal skin infection that affects the skin between the toes. It can easily spread to the toe nails. A nail infection can be caused by other types of molds, yeast and fungi such as candida albicans , the same yeast that causes vaginal thrush. Candida albicans is the 2nd most common cause of fungal nail infection.

We can treat any person who has been suffering for years with deformed and discolored toenails . There is no pain or any kind of discomfort and no down time. You do not need longer conventional medication with side effects and discomfort for many months .Laser and Intense pulsed Light IPL is the safest and most effective and fastest form of treatment for fungal nail infection with 85% clinical efficacy and success rate .

The innovative method of treating onychomycosis ( Fungal Nail infection ) is based on delivering a beam of laser or Intense pulsed light IPL directly on the target area in 10 – 15 minutes session , multiple regular treatments usually 6-10 required depending on the condition of individual toe nail infection .

When intense pulsed light IPL or Laser beam pass through the toe nail to the fungus underneath. Fungus got irradiated without any damage to surrounding skin. Treatment is not really painful at all, is quite tolerable and there is no discomfort . Traditional treatments as Nail Trimming , Topical Medication , oral Medication and surgical nail removal have significant limitations such as nail trimming does not treat the fungus , topical medicines need to be applied for more than 12 months and have a very low success rate , oral medicines are taken for minimum of three months with many side effects and discomforts , including liver and kidney dysfunction .

The Laser / IPL is quick , easy , safe and effective procedure that treat the fungus at root cause and new toe nail grows within 3 – 6 months , as we know toe nail grow slowly .however , new nail will be infection free much clearer and healthy . It may take 6 -12 months of regular treatments to completely clear. However , in most of the cases you can see results within 4 months with long term health benefits.

Prior to fist treatment , initial consultation is mandatory in which a medical history is taken to confirm suitability for treatment , there is also an opportunity for and questions you may have to be answered . Before treatment commences, you must provide a written consent to proceed. 

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