.Dermal Fillers ,  Breast and Buttocks Enhancement  non surgical proce
.Dermal Fillers ,  Breast and Buttocks Enhancement  non surgical proce

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers, Advance Facial skin Rejuvenation, Soft Tissue Augmentation and Wrinkle Removal Treatment for immediate results.

Smooth away signs of aging , Rejuvenate your skin and restore your natural beauty .Dermal Fillers help to “ fill out ‘ and smooth away wrinkles and facial lines,as skin ages the major elements of dermis are generally lost such as collagen ,elastin and hyaluronic acid with passage of time.

Collagen is the major protein which supports the skin while Hyaluronic acid assist in adding volume and shape to the skin . These biological materials prevent the skin become wrinkled and saggy . Young skin is rich in  hyaluronic acid ( HA ) which attracts water , hydrating the skin resulting in softness and fullness . as we get older there is reduction in hyaluronic acid in the skin causing lines, wrinkles and loss of volume . Stress ful life style , smoking and prolonged sun exposure is major contributing factor to skin aging and damage .

Dermal Fillers are biodegradable gels containing Hyaluronic acid which are injected just beneath the skin to smooth away lines and wrinkles , leaving you with soft , smooth and replenished skin . Dermal fillers provide immediate and natural results.They add volume to sunken and hollow area ,They are biodegradable it means they will break down naturally .This highly skill full procedure is very safe with minimal down time .

Dermal Fillers can be used successfully to treat lines and wrinkles around the mouth , oral commissures ( Marionette lines ) , diminish creases of smile lines ( Naso-Labial lines ) ,reduces frown lines (Glabellar lines) and worry lines on the forehead . Crow’s feet ( Periorbital lines ) , Vertical Lip lines ( Perioral lines ) , Lip lines border ( Vermillion Border ) and Lip enhancements , improve contours of jaw line and also correcting Indentations , Tips , Bumps and unevenness in nose and chin . Dermal filler’s results usually lasts for 6 -12 months . In our practice we call Dermal Filler procedures as “ Art and Science of Redefining Beauty “ .

JUVEDERM ultra is Hyaluronic acid based dermal filler manufactured by Allergen in United States and is approved by FDA to correct moderate to severe wrinkles and folds for up to one year . Juvederm also contains an in-built anaesthetic , Lidocaine which significantly reduce pain from injection resulting in more comfortable experience with quite visible immediate results .

RESTYLANE is a dermal filler manufactured in Sweden , it produces instant natural results that can last upto one year . It is very safe and effective and has been in use for more then 13 years with more then 10 million treatments carried out world wide . Restylane smooth the skin and also stimulates collagen production which improves the youth fullness and elasticity of the skin .

There are currently several types of dermal fillers available . however we only use FDA approved Juverem , Restylane and or European top of the line hyaluronic acid products for their safty and efficacy. With new Cross link technology known as CPM technology , high quality hyaluronic acid gels are produced by few leading western European and Swiss manufacturers .

Dermal Fillers are safe and efficacious in the treatment of aging skin at New Life Aesthetics Laser Clinic we use the very latest and proven treatments that give the best results . Our anti – aging injectables are carried out by highly trained professionals . who provide a wide range of dermal fillers to suite your individual requirements after careful evaluation of your condition and suitability .

Contact New Life Aesthetics Laser Clinic and Anti – Aging Therapies to book an appointment for private consultation and to arrange for your Dermal Filler Treatment at Harley Street London Clinic . please call to 077 801 773 19  . info@newlifelaserclinic.co.uk

Prior to first treatment , initial consultation is mandatory in which a brief medical history is taken to confirm your suitability for the procedure.There is also an opportunity for and the questions you may have to be answered , before treatment commences .You must provide a written consent and waiver to proceed with necessary protocols . Cost of Dermal Fillers must be paid before administration . usually £100.00 - £150.00 + per ml plus agreed fees.

Please send us an e-mail to newlifemd@yahoo.com.Appointments are available from 9.00 am - 8.00 pm and call to 077 801 773 19 or send whattsapp invitation to  + 1 646 923 3206 for immediate reply to contact you to schedule an appointment .