.Hifu fat Reduction , Liposonix , Body Countouring .
.Hifu fat Reduction , Liposonix , Body Countouring .

High Intensity Focused Ultrasonic, Hifu Cellulite and Fat Reduction .Liposonic ,RF and Laser Lipolysis .

Ultrasonic RF Body Contouring , advanced cosmetic procedure for inch loss, RF body Sculpting and sliming system. No matter how fit and active we are, or how carefully we watch what we eat, many of us have those stubborn areas that just would not go away. It might be your jaw line, under arms, tummy, back, buttocks, thighs or knees and any other cellulite and fat deposition. The solution is Ultrasonic Radio  Frequency (RF) cavitation protocols and Laser Lipolysis with light therapy with bio-stimulation produces measurable great results .  

New Life Aesthetics Laser Clinic Harley Street London has specially designed protocols, utilizing RF technology of Ultrasound to work on adipose tissue via cavitation effect. Non- invasive “ Fat Blasting “ is the technological breakthrough of 21st century in the field of Aesthetic Body Sculpturing , adipose cells breakdown lipolysis and accelerated inch loss . Excellent treatment for slimming, cellulite and fat reduction. Tightening and toning for non – surgical bottom lift and full body re-shape.

The corner stone of ultrasonic radiofrequency RF and Laser Lipolysis. Full body contouring and re-shape to achieve optimal goal. The cavitation effectively breaks the stubborn fat or adipose tissue and cellulite. Focus on high energy sound waves (ultrasonic) generates the thermal effect and form micro- bubbles while expansion of fat cells membrane without damaging the structures beneath such as nerves, blood vessels and lymphatic system. The adipose tissue breakdown and decomposed material is absorbed by lymphatic system and eventually eliminated out of the body naturally in due course .

A series of regular treatments are required, each treatment safely breaks down the fat molecules and allows liver to metabolize and filter this safely and ultimately eliminated from body with no risk in due course, That’s why regular exercise and physical activity is highly recommended after each session. Effectively improve the orange peel issues to certain degree and repel cellulite, stimulate production of collagen, strengthen and enhance skin elasticity , tighten the skin and maintain natural tone of skin for lasting effects.

Our protocols , ultrasonic RF body contouring , slimming system and laser lipolysis have remarkable and measurable results proven to be very successful in treating the neck wrinkles , bulges under the eyes, décollete, underarms , abdomen ,waist , love handles , inner and outer thighs and buttocks . We specially offer post pregnancy aesthetic abdominal care ( Mummy Tummy ) for new moms . 

Our ultrasonic RF full body toning and rejuvenation system is non-invasive , safe , pain less lipolysis , smartlipo without surgery , without scars and no down time , in a true sense revolutionary solution for cellulite and fat reduction . Our New Life Lipo Light System , slim , shape and tone your body with less time and less efforts . 

Prior to first treatment , initial consultation is mandatory in which a medical history is taken to confirm suitability for treatment , there is also an opportunity for any question you may have to be answered . Before treatment commences. You must provide a written consent to proceed.

Contact New Life Aesthetics Laser Clinic to book an appointment with our highly trained  laser practitioner and American Board Certified Naturopathic Physician at  our Harley street London  aesthetics and anti - aging clinic for consultation . appointment available 9.00 am - 8.00 pm. please e-mail to newlifemd@yahoo.com and call to 077 801 773 19 or send Whattsapp invitation to +1 646 923 3206 to contact you to schedule an appointment.These are very safe , painless and non-surgical fat reduction procedures . Our cost of services and prices are very affordable and competitive with excellent results. we apply various technologies and therapies to achieve optimum results.

Cellulite and Fat Reduction Ultrasonic RF / Laser Lipolysis with Cavitation .

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