.American Academy of Aesthetics and Anti - Aging Medicine , Anti - Agi
.American Academy of Aesthetics and Anti - Aging Medicine , Anti - Agi

Anti Aging Treatments

New Life Aesthetics Laser Clinic and Anti – Aging Therapies Harley Street London has specially designed customized solutions in anti-aging medicine with regard to Health and Aesthetics . Our advanced clinical protocols , wide range of modalities and anti – aging therapies recommended and practised by us revolves around what we call “ The seven Pillars of  beauty and long life “ , Foundation for our anti – aging Philosophy and protocols for ever ending quest for the ‘ Fountain of youth ‘ and long life . now is in our reach .

Age Management : Anti – Aging Medicine is intended to slow , arrest and possibly reverse biological aging process for life extension , maintenance of full filling quality of Life and aging gracefully . We must take full responsibility for our health , aesthetics and well being .

Medical : Medical tests help to determine basic health needs and are used to design individual improvement programs . medical and nutritional tests are required for complete hormone and nutritional assessment to establish base line levels to determine imbalance and deficiencies which assists us to design a therapeutic plan to restore healthy balance for natural anti –aging management and individual clinical protocols .

Aesthetics : The most technologically advanced , non – invasive treatments are available , help to repair , rejuvenate and prevent signs of normal aging process . Our timely aesthetic interventions can even reverse the signs of aging and delivers remarkable and measurable results .

Stress Management : Proper sleep , rest , healthy sex life and pain free living . A relaxed person with a comfortable and balanced mind set and healthy life style has direct relationship with a naturally radiant appearance . Mind Body Medicine and Therapeutic Manipulations play a crucial role health and beauty .

Nutritional and Naturopathic care : A balanced diet , plenty of good quality water and fresh air are vital to beauty and body . Detoxification and internal cleansing with vital supplementation reflects on your glow .

Leisure : The happiness and contentment via recreational skills , sports and out door activities shine through the face . balance in work and pleasure is essential for beautiful living . Wellness is the key for physical , mental and spiritual growth and development , significantly contribute to inner and outer beauty of our bodies .

Physical : Regular exercise improves our health , detoxify and tone our body . it stimulates our body to naturally heal it self and enhance body functioning , strengthen the immune system and stimulate hormonal system for production of hormones to optimal levels and result into life extension and beauty .

We offer the latest proven and most advanced technological breakthrough protocols to address root cause of your natural health and aesthetic issues . Discover the possible age reversing benefits of our research and expertise to improve quality of your life to maximize your human potential and fulfillment for desire of  beauty .

Our treatments are individually customized around your needs and unique situations to meet your realistic expectations . The pursuit of excellence is reflected in our passion for what we do , expertise in wide range of our therapies and cutting edge professional skills in advanced cosmetic Laser procedures .

Contact New life Aesthetics Laser Clinic and Anti – Aging Therapies to book an appointment for private consultation with our highly trained Aesthetic Laser Practitioner , Anti – Aging Medicine Consultant and American Board Certified Naturopathic Physician at Harley Street London  New Life Aesthetics Laser Clinic and Anti-Aging Therapies , Leading Center of Excellence . Please send us an e-mail to newlifemd@yahoo.com and call to 077 801 773 19 or send Whattsapp invitation to +1 646 923 3206 to contact you to schedule an appointment .