Laser Hair Removal IPL Intense Pulsed Light New Life Aesthetics London
Laser Hair Removal IPL Intense Pulsed Light New Life Aesthetics London

Laser Hair Removal Glasgow, Intense Pulsed Light IPL by New Life Aesthetics Laser Clinic London

Advanced Cosmetic Procedure for Permanent Hair Reduction, specially designed by New Life Aesthetics Clinic Harley street London for unwanted hair from under arms, legs and other body parts, both for womem and men .

Our top of the line most advanced super hair removal ( SHR ) technology combines with intense pulsed light IPL and E-light is breakthrough in most effective permanent hair reduction .One of the safest and fastest hair removal protocols utilizes motion technology , where the hand piece is always in motion over the skin. The treatment is more pleasant and virtually painless and skin is better protected than with other conventional treatment systems available.

Our clinically proven super hair removal system gently heats the hair follicles and client feeling is only warmth and tingling sensation, some clients compare it to a warm massage. No local pain medication is typically required. Normal healthy clients usually require only 7  10 treatments in most cases No more painful waxing, electrolysis or razors and time consuming visits to clinics or salons for hair removal.

Our system delivers 21st century technology and is the most sophisticated system for permanent hair reduction with excellent efficacy . The treatment head is made of pure sapphire crystal with a German flash lamp and our quality of service and expertise speak for itself.

The Treatment is cleared by FDA in USA for Permanent Hair Reduction. The super hair removal SHR / IPL combines Diode Laser Hair Removal Technology with benefits of the intense pulse light ( IPL) technology.When hair follicles are destroyed hair will never grow again.

The treatment is suitable for all skin types and most of hair colors except white hairs for both women and men. Unlike traditional laser and IPL our SHR super hair removal system can be had safely and effectively , all year round even for clients with a suntan , without having to hide from sun , even though we highly recommend sun protection. Most people experience no side effects and any skin reactions usually disappear within a few hours and adverse reactions are very rare. You can enjoy beach life all year round without any embarrassment and feel good about yourself with hair free body. 


Prior to first treatment, initial consultation is mandatory in which a medical history is taken to confirm your suitability for treatment, there is also an opportunity for any questions you may have to be answered. Before treatment commences you must provide a written consent and a small test patch will be carried out . 

Contact New Life Aesthetics Laser clinic to book an appointment for with our highly trained  Certified Laser Practitioner at our Harley street , London or Glasgow city centre  Aesthetics Laser Clinic  for consultation . 

Please note following quoted prices are per single body area in stated tier . however , we can focus on individual body area to suite your needs or customized per your priorities and budget . We will happily offer you additional special 10% discount on the total cost if you combine different areas in one session , saving you time and money to have your smooth , silky and hair free body sooner then you think to enjoy wonderful things in life . 

Laser / IPL Hair Removal : Tier 1 : face , neck , under arms and areola . Tier 2 : arms , hands , bikini and lower legs . Tier 3 : chest , shoulder , back and upper legs . Tier 4 : full legs and full back Tier 5 : Full body .

T1 : £70 : T2 : £85 : T3 : £120 : T4 : £250 : T5 : £500
1 session

T1 : £200 : T2 : £250 : T3 : £350 : T4 : £700 : T5 : £1350
3 sessions

T1 : £300 : T2 : £400 : T3 : £520 : T4 : £1200 : T5 : £2300
5 sessions

T1 : £450 : T2 : £500 : T3 : £800 : T4 : £1500 : T5 : £3200
7 sessions

T1 : £600 : T2 : £700 : T3 : £1000 : T4 : £2000 : T5 : £4000
9 sessions

T1 : £750 : T2 : £900 : T3 : £1300 : T4 : £2500 : T5 : £5000
12 sessions

Taken over
13 Months

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